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At Elite Land Solutions, we can assist you with all your surveying projects. With your needs and timeframes in mind, our aim is to complete projects accurately and efficiently.

If you are unsure what type of survey you need, call Harry to discuss your project.

Boundary Identification Surveys

Boundary Identification Surveys determine where the original boundaries are positioned as originally surveyed by a licensed surveyor.
Here are some scenarios where you will need a boundary identification survey:

  • land division process
  • construction on boundary e.g. building, carport, fence
  • determining encroachments
  • location of easements
  • investigations for encumbrances, leases and caveats

Engineering/ Construction Surveys

Engineering Surveys are required by engineers, architects and builders for design purposes for projects such as:

  • detail/ contour survey
  • infrastructure design
  • subdivision design
  • footing design
  • stormwater management
  • retaining wall design

Construction surveys are required for road and infrastructure set outs and as-constructed surveys in subdivisions.

Lease Surveys

Lease Survey Plans identify the amount of land to be leased for commercial, industrial or residential purposes. You may need a Lease Survey Plan if you are a

  • developer of land for lease
  • landlord
  • property manager
  • tenant

Lease Survey Plans are measured to the guidelines as set by the Property Council of Australia, and if required, we can register with the Lands Titles Office for you.

Easement Plans

Easement Plans are required when an easement needs to be amended or created via a Registered Plan lodged with the Lands Titles Office. The easement is then registered on a Certificate of Title(s). You may need an Easement Plan to determine the location of easements such as

  • sewer and water
  • supply of gas/ electricity
  • right to park a vehicle
  • right of way


Viticulture surveys determine vineyard set out and may be required to

  • maximise acreage relative to existing boundaries
  • identify the open space required for heavy machinery manoeuvrability
  • identify existing infrastructure including irrigation

We are also able to undertake surveys in other agriculture and aquaculture environments in metropolitan and regional areas.

Surveying Services

Surveying Services

Surveying Services

Surveying Services

Surveying Services

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